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Sashiko Panels Placemats & Napkins


DIY Placemats for the Perfect Table Setting. Easy to learn and fun Sashiko Stitching.

  • 100% Cotton Fabric, Pre-Printed with water erasable ink.
  • Fabric Size: 36cm x 48cm each, 2 pieces
  • Finished size: approximately 30cm x 41cm
  • 3 Fabric colours to choose from

• 25 sashiko designs available for you to choose from the last pic. Please leave a note regarding your favorite design/designs at checkout or we will ship seven treasures design as default.
• Processing time for this item is 2-3 working days due to customized in-house printing

Thread colours used in our example are Daruma #3-Dijon (thin) , Daruma #16-Fire Red (thick) and Daruma #6-Indigo (thick).

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Olympus Sashiko Needles available in our store separately (click here)

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Sashiko Panels Placemats & Napkins.

It’s not hard to make beautiful place-mats for any occasion. This water washed (wrinkle-treated) cotton fabric will make your place-mats  look absolutely stunning with its unique subtle texture.

The Sashiko Panel:

Made from a 100% cotton fabric and using a pre-wash method, the fabric has a worn-in and relaxed look. It has has a soft feel and colours are pastel. This fabric becomes softer with every wash & wear and is breathable all year round – making it the perfect for garments and household items like table runners, cushion covers, place-mats, napkins and many more items.

The Sashiko Design:

No two Sashiko Panels Placemats & Napkins are going to be exactly the same, and that’s okay. It’s hand made and to be this way. We have several designs for you to experiment with. Use different patterns for each place-mat if you desire.

Seven Treasures History:

Linked Seven Treasures ( Shippo Tsunagi) pattern is one of  the traditional patterns used since the Heian era. The seven treasures appear in Buddhist sutras (spiritual scriptures). This auspicious pattern is even used today on formal kimonos and obis.

My take aways:

Seven Treasures is one of my personal favorite Sashiko patterns. It often takes me to a meditative mode when stitching it. The curvy lines wave to left and right at the same pace, no rush, no hash, no division. It offers much peace to the Sashiko stitcher ! It goes on and on which provides a sense of security as well. After stitching, I often feel being washed and cleansed, much centered and grounded, like having experienced a special ceremony.

The stitching looks great whether using thick (6-ply) thread as the one in dark red, or thin (4-ply) thread as in old gold, or somewhere in between like the variegated indigo hand dyed thread.

The fine Print:
  • 100% Cotton Fabric, Pre-Printed
  • Fabric Size: 36cm x 48cm each, 2 pieces. One of them is pre-printed with water erasable ink. Markings can be washed away after stitching. Dark rose coloured fabric needs soap when removing ink.
  • Finished size: approximately 30cm x 41cm
  • 3 Fabric colours to choose from
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Enjoy your new project and happy stitching
Choose your Fabric colour

Dark Rose, Off-White, Indigo


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