Various other Fabrics, hand dyed

Discover the unique charm of our Various other Fabrics, hand-dyed with dye sourced from natural plants. Each piece carries the intricate “marks” of handcrafting, such as delicate holes along the selvage, meticulously placed for movement control during dyeing. Additionally, a subtle fragrance from the plant dye adds to the fabric’s allure, making it truly extraordinary.

To ensure the best care for this natural dye, we recommend washing the fabric before use. This prevents any potential transfer of excess dye to your hands during crafting. Simply wash with similar colors using a mild detergent, then air dry in a shady spot for optimal preservation.

Crafted from 100% cotton, our fabric boasts not only exceptional quality but also environmental sustainability. Rest assured, no harm is done to our environment throughout the entire dyeing process. Enjoy the beauty of nature woven into every thread of our hand-dyed fabric.

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