Sashiko pattern – Kikko (Turtle’s shell)

A representative pattern that means good luck The common hexagonal pattern known as “Kikko” (turtle’s shell) is a well-known symbol of good fortune in Japan.

What Fabric Marker to use?

What Fabric Marker to use? There are so many markers out there and they all say they are good in one way or another. So, which one to use? And

Sashiko pattern – Hemp Leaf (Asa-no-ha)

Sashiko pattern – Hemp Leaf (Asa-no-ha) A popular pattern in common use Among the traditional patterns which have been most popular among Japanese over the years, one stands out: Asa-no-ha,

Japanese Patterns

They always rely on a foundation. Ornamentation is said to be a solution to man’s intrinsic fear of emptiness and his need to fill vacuums.

Indigo and Sashiko

The word “indigo” in Japanese evokes special feelings – of both fondness and nostalgia – among many Japanese people. Indigo is actually the name of a plant.