Introducing our vintage handwoven yarn-dyed fabrics, crafted from 100% cotton. These fabrics are not just stunning; they’re also earthy and eco-friendly. Each piece is uniquely hand-spun, hand-dyed with plant dyes, and hand-woven on home looms dating back to the 1920s-1980s.

What sets these fabrics apart is their traditional hand-making process, which involved no chemicals. This not only makes them gentle on the skin but also environmentally friendly. In fact, in ancient times, people valued indigo’s antimicrobial properties and odor resistance. Samurai warriors, for instance, wore indigo-dyed fabric under their armor to prevent infections, and early firefighter jackets were dyed with indigo because the dye itself is flame retardant up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to the constraints of home weaving looms, the width of these vintage fabrics ranges from 30cm to 70cm. Historically, these fabrics were often created as part of a girl’s dowry upon marriage, symbolizing good wishes and fortune for her new life. They were typically woven by skilled elders in the family, passing down heritage, knowledge, and blessings to younger generations.

Preserved as cherished family heirlooms for years, these fabrics hold a special significance. Some clients have described them as thick, comparing them to Yoko Saito’s Centenary fabric, which is approximately 130g/sq m, while these vintage fabrics weigh approximately 230g/sq m. However, each roll is unique, so properties may vary.

Patterns range from simple stripes or checks to abstract symbols carrying good wishes. Versatile and pleasing to the eye, these fabrics can be effortlessly incorporated into any project. Although handwoven, some imperfections may occur, adding to the charm and uniqueness of these exquisite textiles.