Bohin Straw – Milliners Needles, assorted size 3/9, 15 needles per Pack

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These are fantastic needles to have while working on any sewing project

  • Bohin is renowned in Europe as one of the leading manufacturers of quality needles since 1822
  • Exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric.
  • Eye polished with a unique process to minimize breaking thread.
  • Made in France
  • This package contains 15 assorted needles size 3/9


Bohin milliners assorted needle pack has 15 needles in pack. These needles are made in France and are recognized as high quality hand sewing needles.

Milliners needles are also known as “Straw” needles. They are mainly used for bullion knots or Brazilian embroidery stitches. Milliners needles are extra long with a round eye and a sharp point. The eye of a milliners needle is no wider than the shaft, allowing for easy manipulation of bullion wraps. They are also best used for off-loom beadwork, loomed beadwork, and bead embroidery.

  • Exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric.
  • Fine point to minimize holes.
  • Eye polished with a unique process to minimize breaking thread.
  • Maximum strength, minimum bending.

Bohin needles are manufactured in their factory in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle, Fance.

Its production involves 27 different steps and two months before it reaches its sales point. That’s what gives Bohin needles its strong reputation.
Bohin needles are honed by tradition and finished to perfection.

Creativity begins with Bohin whose inspiration is for all needlework.

Weight6 g
Dimensions10.2 × 3.8 × 0.2 cm


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