Chacopar Artist, Water Erasable Fabric Marker, extra fine


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Ideal for delicate and detailed designs and markings.  Extra fine point: Minimum 0.5mm. Smooth writing touch.

·       Crystal core with long lasting tip

·       very fine tip provides fine markings that is ideal for embroidery and quilting

·       Easily washes away with water

·       Made in Japan



  • Always test a marker on the fabric you are using to make sure that marks will completely disappear.
  • Replace the cap tightly and keep the marker away from heat and moisture
  • Do not press hard to avoid damaging the fine point tip
  • Remove marks as soon as possible

The Chacopar Artist water erasable marker is ideal for delicate and detailed designs and markings. This is because the crystal tip can produce very fine markings.

Colour of marking is brown.

Markings can be removed by washing.

Tip of the marker wouldn’t fray due to its crystal core.

Made in Japan

Weight62 g
Dimensions20.2 × 4.8 × 1.2 cm


Size of Tip

0.5 and1.0mm for the blue marker
1.0mm only for the withe marker


conforms to American ASTM and European EN71 quality standard.


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