Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler, Sashiko Place-Mat with Black Forest Animals – By Olympus, L-2005


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Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler L-2005: A Stunning Sashiko Place-Mat featuring Black Forest Animals

  • Color: Navy
  • 100% cotton
  • Finished size approximately 31cm x 45cm
  • Made in Japan by Olympus.

Sashiko Threads and Needles are available in our store separately.

Introducing the Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler: A Stitch of Tradition and Nature

Embroidery enthusiasts and craft lovers alike are in for a treat with the Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler. It’s a delightful creation by Olympus, known for its quality in crafting tools and materials.The Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler presents a fusion of traditional Japanese stitching techniques and the serene beauty of the Black Forest animals.

Sashiko, a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan, has been utilized for centuries to mend and reinforce fabric. However, its aesthetic appeal has led to its widespread use in creating intricate and visually stunning designs. The Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler exemplifies this tradition with its elegant yet straightforward patterns, showcasing the essence of Sashiko.

What sets this sampler apart is its incorporation of the natural world into its design. Featuring motifs inspired by the Black Forest animals, each stitch tells a story of the flora and fauna found in this enchanting woodland. From graceful deer to majestic bears, the sampler captures the essence of these creatures in every meticulously crafted detail.

Experience the artistry and charm of the Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler Black Forest Animals. Let its stitches transport you to the tranquil depths of the Black Forest, where nature and tradition intertwine in perfect harmony.

Since the design only prints on one half of the sampler, you can use the other half as backing. Besides turning this into a place-mat, you can also sew it into a bag, cushion cover or a kitchen towel.

Sashiko Threads and Needles are available in our store separately.

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Weight70 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 1 cm


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