Wild Grass Table Runner and Coasters embroidery kit


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DIY Embroidery Set, Table Runner and Coasters

Wild grasses embroidery table runner and 4 coasters set

This runner and coasters set embroidery kit is easy and fun to make. It ‘s a complete kit and has all you need to compete it.

Wild grasses, obscure yet strong. No matter what has been done to them in the previous season, been burnt, cut or eaten away, they always come back to life in the next year to flourish as they always do. They are part of the earth, part of us.

Embroidering those wild grasses of the fields onto table ware creates a sense of innocence in embroiderer as well as a kind of beauty that is pure, simple, down to earth and uplifting.

This table runner and coasters set is designed with simple stitches that is suitable for beginners.

Product dimensions:

Runner 78 x 30 cm

Coaster 15 x 12 cm

This kit contains:

1- Linen cotton blend fabric (55 % linen, 45 % cotton) that is moisture absorbent and durable, for both the upper fabric and backing. Upper fabric has the embroidery pattern printed on using water soluble ink. No need to trace pattern!
Please keep the fabric dry before finishing the embroidery, the Ink will disappear when exposed to water and will completely disappear when washed.

The kit has upper and backing fabric color mismatched as a purpose. When upper is linen color, backing is moss green. When upper is moss green, backing is linen color. Also when runner is moss green, coasters are linen color; when runner is linen color, coasters are moss green. Please specify upper fabric color for runner when order.

2- Quality embroidery threads (100% cotton)

3- Bohin needle

4- Instruction


Weight280 g
Dimensions25 × 17 × 2 cm


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