Chacopa Water Erasable Fabric Marker (brown, thick tip)


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Chacopa Water Erasable Fabric Marker, perfect for sewing projects. Easily remove markings by washing. The  Fabric Marker marker is ideal for marking designs during sewing.

Made in Japan for quality assurance.

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Chacopa Water Erasable Fabric Marker – a convenient tool for temporary fabric marking that disappears with ease when exposed to water.

Chacopa Water Erasable Fabric Marker are a convenient tool for drawing stitch lines, outlines, and cut lines. Among them, water-erasable fabric markers stand out as my preferred marking tools. They offer the flexibility of keeping the marks intact for as long as necessary, allowing you to choose when to eliminate them. To remove the marks, simply wet them under a tap, with a spray bottle, or using a wet brush.

We advise testing the marking pen on each new fabric to ensure it won’t stain the material being used. Keep in mind not to iron over the marks or launder the garment before removing them with plain water, as certain laundry products and heat can set the markings, rendering them permanent.

  • Ideal for marking designs during sewing
  • Easily removable by washing
  • Made in Japan

The markings may fade based on the moisture present in the air or fabric
Do not iron over marks or launder as the heat may set the markings and make them permanent.
Avoid leaving markings for an extended period to ensure easy removal.
Please place cap back straight after use. Store in dry and cool place.
Color of marking is blue.

Other Markers can be found here Chacopa Artist, extra fine and Kearing Water Erasable Fabric Markers

Weight62 g
Dimensions20.2 × 4.8 × 1.2 cm


Size of Tip

0.5 and1.0mm for the blue marker
1.0mm only for the withe marker


conforms to American ASTM and European EN71 quality standard.


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