Clover Embroidery Applique Table Runner

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DIY Table Runner

A real beauty. Precious fabrics that grab all the attentions around. No chemicals have been involved in the process of making them. Instead, a lot of time and care has been put in the dying process. It’s friendly to our environment and to the furniture the runner is going to sit on.

  • 100% Natural indigo hand dyed Cotton Fabrics
  • Size: 65cm x 24cm

Embroidery Applique Table Runner

Wow, this runner has so much to say! It’s all so hard to find a beauty like this. Precious fabrics that grab all the attentions around. The center piece is a light blue hand dyed cotton fabric with 2 clovers appliqued and stitched on. One is left, one is right; one is up and the other down. Seen from any angle, it gives you comfort and sense of peace and harmony.

Like other kits with various shades of indigo, the colors in the flower petals and leaves are so rich and vivid that makes an ordinary clover so precious and delicate. To match that liveliness, stitches used for stems can be outlined stitches or back stitches; can be light blue or dark blue or combo. A space for you to play!

What’s in the kit
– Pattern and instruction
– Natural Indigo hand dyed cotton fabric (for centre piece and appliqué)
– Blue shade vintage home woven cotton fabric for border
– Light coloured vintage home woven fabric for back of tea mat
– Bias tape for binding
– a skein of hand dyed natural indigo thread for stitching

Indigo and Vintage Fabric

The boarder and backing are of precious vintage hand woven fabric. Originally I was to use the same hand dyed indigo fabric for the border but vintage fabric for some reason lifts the entire piece to a whole new level. Not too sure what’s the key here but it feels like these two kinds of fabrics like each other – they both are handmade with care from natural resources.

Both fabrics took quite some time to be made, both are of indigo, both have subtle fragrance – one of the indigo dyeing process the other more of the “smell of time” … as you like

No other modern fabric can compare to the feeling of the vintage home woven cotton fabric. Anyone who sees it and feels it says “it’s excellent fabric” to me. To make the perfect piece, I choose to use vintage fabric as backing as well. The backing is a striped, light colored home woven vintage fabric which looks simple, clean and close to heart.

No Chemicals been used

The entire piece has no chemicals involved in the process of making them. Instead, there has been a lot of time and care put in. It’s friendly to our environment; to the furniture the runner is going to sit on, to you, me and future generations. It’s a treasure

Availability of Vintage Fabric

Due to the limitation of the availability of vintage fabric as well as the nature of home looms (being narrow and short), vintage fabric may vary from kit to kit but they are all precious and carefully chosen by me to ensure harmony in the runner. I’m sure that while you’re working on it, you’d feel that care and feel being treasured.

Detailed and comprehensive instructions are included with the kit for you to make this beauty come true for years of enjoyment or for someone lucky!

    • 100% Natural indigo hand dyed Cotton Fabric
    • Size: 65cm x 24cm
Weight260 g
Dimensions25 × 17 × 2 cm

Natural indigo hand dyed Cotton Fabric

Fabric Pattern:


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