Natural Indigo Hand Dyed Shibori Striped Fabric


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  • 100% cotton Fabric, hand dyed
  • Made in Japan
  • Bolt width is 113cm
  • Order quantity is in fat quarter (approx. 56cm x 50cm each).
  • Multiple quantities may be delivered as one continues piece.

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Natural Indigo Hand Dyed Shibori Striped Fabric

This exquisite cotton Shibori Striped Fabric undergoes a traditional tie-dyeing process known as Shibori, utilizing natural plant dyes that have been passed down through generations. The resulting pattern, with varying degrees of white and rich indigo hues, represents a balanced resist dyeing technique. Artisans meticulously stitch each piece, with the stripes pattern showcasing the craft’s complexity.

The design is inspired by everyday life and imbued with auspicious meanings. It beautifully lends itself to Sashiko embroidery, patchwork projects, and the creation of garments or household furnishings. The deep indigo color, achieved through this natural dyeing process, exudes a vibrancy and richness unmatched by modern industrial methods.

As a hallmark of handcrafted authenticity, the Shibori Striped Fabric may exhibit subtle characteristics such as tiny holes along the selvage, which aid in controlling movement during the dyeing process. Moreover, a delicate fragrance from the plant dye enhances the sensory experience of working with this material.

Due to the nature of natural dyeing, the fabric requires special care to maintain its integrity. Prior to use, washing with similar colors and mild detergent is recommended to remove any excess dye that may transfer during handling. After washing, air dry in a shaded area to preserve the vibrancy of the indigo color. For more detailed instructions on fabric care, please refer to the provided Care Tips.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions14 × 14 × 1 cm


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