Yoko Saito fabric Centenary Collection 28 – 10466

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The Yoko Saito’s 28th Centenary Collection is released!
The Centenary Collection is designed by Yoko Saito, considering the patterns and colors she wants to use when creating her work.

100% cotton,  made in Japan.

Bolt width is approx. 110cm.

Order quantity is bolt width x increment of 25cm. (for example, to buy 0.5mt,  enter 2 in the quantity box )

Multiple quantities will be delivered as one continues piece.

Yoko Saito fabric Centenary Collection 28 – 10466

The 28th Centenary Collection is finally released in Nov 2022!
This collection is designed by the well-known patchwork artist Yoko Saito.

Centenary Collection is designed by Yoko Saito considering the patterns and colors she wants to use in creating works.
For Centenary 28, 47 kinds of usable fabrics have been created.
The collection is rich in variety, such as antique fabrics arranged, new colors added to the previous Centenary collection, and antique dyed check fabrics printed for the first time.
She hopes you will find them useful for your own projects.

The leaves are drawn with a very fine pattern.
Because it uses simple colors, you can use it like a plain cloth without being conscious of the pattern.
D’s blue-gray hue is perfect for a Scandinavian-style transparent color combination.
C’s rose pink is recommended as an accent color.

  • Bolt width is about 1.1m
  • Orders of fabric are in units of 0.25m. The minimum order is 0.25m (i.e. 0.25m x 1.1m, exactly same area of a fat quarter 0.5m x 0.55m).
  • Price is per 0.25m.
  •  How to enter in the quantity column: 0.25m → enter 1 / 0.5m → enter 2 / 1m → enter 4
  • 100% cotton
  • made in Japan

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