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4-Season-Flower Quilt – Part 1

hiromi hara quilt intro

Quilting and patchwork art

hiromi hara Quilting art

“A Week at Quilter’s Camp”

It’s exciting to start blogging again after five years since the pandemic began.

Last week, I went to a camp with a bunch of people who love quilting.

One thing (well it turned out to be the only project I spent time on) I worked on at the camp was a quilt design released in 2014 by Hiromi Hara. She is well known worldwide for using Japanese yarn-dyed fabrics in her patchworks.

The pattern was later published in her book. I pasted a pic of the book on the left

“The quilt looks like the one below. Of course, these pictures are hers. I will share mine in future blogs

patchwork art
hiromi hara quilt (1)

“Embarking on a Quilting and Patchwork Journey”

I like this quilt because its color brings a sense of warmth and calm, and the pattern is similar to the seven-treasures pattern that is favored by me. My partner also approved of it with a comment, ‘As long as there aren’t too many flowers on it’. 🙂

Some quilters call it the wedding ring pattern, but it’s different. If you know the name of this pattern, please let me know.

The quilt in the pic is only 1m x 1.37m. I’m going to make one that will be around 1.9m x 2.2m which will fit my bed. This requires 120 blocks to be made. 12 rows in total and each has 10 blocks.

With all calculations done and materials gathered over the years, I embarked on the journey last weekend. Surprisingly, tracing and cutting the pieces took a lot longer than I thought! To make it easier, I cheated a little and used a template like the one shown in the picture below.” 🙂


During the camp, I was only able to cut the pile as shown in the picture below, with around 100 ovals and 40 centers. It took way longer than I thought because the centers had to be cut along the grain direction, but the ovals had to be at a 45° angle. Also, it used up markers very quickly. 🙂

hiromi hara patchwork art
fabric markers

“Precision, Appliqué, and Relaxing Piecing Work”

This quilt has every second block appliquéd with flowers. Apart from that, it will be very relaxing piecing work. For a good quality pieced block, lining up curved lines with accuracy is important, so all positioning points are marked clearly, as you can see on the pieces. Well, it’s just like every other project where preparation always takes most of the time. 🙂

To achieve a good quality pieced block, it’s important to line up curved lines with accuracy, I also used a lot of scraps gathered over the years.

For your convenience, markers are available via the link provided below. Blue markers are suitable for most fabric types, while brown markers are recommended for blue or grey fabrics. To expedite the process, I’ve opted for thick-type markers, which facilitate quicker drawing compared to their thin counterparts.

“You can find Fabric markers here”