Japanese Sashiko Motifs

They always rely on a foundation. Ornamentation is said to be a solution to man’s intrinsic fear of emptiness and his need to fill vacuums.

Indigo and Sashiko

The word “indigo” in Japanese evokes special feelings – of both fondness and nostalgia – among many Japanese people. Indigo is actually the name of a plant.

Indigo Hand Dyed Fabrics, Care Tips and Handling

Generally, natural plant dye is not as strong as synthetic dye to bond into the fiber of fabrics. Even so, natural indigo is one of the stronger dyes.

Indigo dyeing, what is being dyed?

Indigo is a vat dye. To get the dye onto the yarn or the fabric, it is dissolved in water with the help of a reducing agent.

Little Stabs

The word Sashiko literally means ’Little-Stabs’. It refers to the stitching in repeating or interlocking pattern of one or more layers of cloth with a simple running stitch.

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