A little Sashiko history Sashiko is a Japanese folk-art that originated in Japan’s rural north sometime during the Edo period (1615–1868). Having evolved over centuries from an economic necessity, we now appreciate the Little-Stabs as a decorative and attractive art. The word Sashiko literally means ’Little-Stabs’. It refers to the stitching
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2 thoughts on “Little Stabs

  1. Oh I am so glad I found you.I have placed an order with you today.I’m a keen stitcher .And looking forward to Sashiko and all it involves.I have dabbled already alittle.But keen for more projects to take on.I have been sewing for many years .I never tire of it And always eager to learn new aspects of it .So looking forward to getting to know you and keeping an eye on your website for all the news you offer….
    Your new stitching friend .
    Jane Jefferies…

    1. Good evening Jane,
      First of all, my sincere apologies for late rely!
      Our website experienced issues with server for the last week or so and only just got resolved during this weekend!
      So great to know you and so happy to know you are a keen stitcher too:-)
      I love stitching and applique:-)
      I’ve been sewing for approx. 20 years. Started with stitchery and making coaster / banners then a bit more advanced hand embroidery and sashiko 🙂
      Fell in love with sashiko by its forever elegant blue and white combo at first as well as earthy indigo look and simple stitching. Once dove in, I realized the depth of this craft can be as deep as ocean. It can carry so much. Yet when I have to sit and wait for Dr or other things, it’s always a sashiko stitching in my hand 🙂 I love it, and appreciate ancestors developed this craft.
      I tend to making things that are used everyday and am currently making bags 🙂 Love bags 🙂
      Congratulation on starting this craft and have fun 🙂
      Your stitching friend

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